Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JK: Governments Have No Experience, Trying Happens

Candidates vice president Jusuf Kalla said Indonesia should not lead trial and error . Indonesia should be led by an experienced person . The reason , according to the man who is familiarly called the JK , the fate of some 250 million Indonesian citizens are at stake .

" That is , the government must have experience . If no experience , it just happens later try . Affairs should be balanced , need balance , " said JK National Dialogue after Proposition Role KNPI Indonesian Picked forward and Dignity at the Grand Royal Panghegar , City Jakarta, Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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With his experience as a Vice President in 2004-2009 , could complement the deficiencies of JK optimistic partner , Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) , if elected in the next presidential election . According to him , Jokowi has the type of leadership that many changes rapidly .

"If I was , I was not as fast mobilization Jokowi . I fast , but faster Jokowi . Was the reason I chose to be a candidate for vice president , " he said .

Jokowi - JK will be dealing with Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa the 2014 presidential election . Prior to becoming Governor of Jakarta , Surakarta Mayor served Jokowi . Prabowo has no experience in government . The Hatta recently served on the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs during the second administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .


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