Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton: As Putin Adolf Hitler

WASHINGTON - Former Secretary of State United States ( U.S. ) Hillary Clinton further worsen tensions between Russia and the West , Ukraine related issues . Clinton calls Russian President Vladimir Putin as Adolf Hilter .
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" Russia's efforts to annex the Crimea region is not much different from the German annexation in Cekoslovakis in 1939 , " Clinton said , as quoted by the Mirror on Thursday ( 03/06/2014 ) .

" So time is no stranger in your ears , ( Russian -made ) is the same as that carried out by Hitler in 1939 , " he continued .

Clinton said , during the 1930s , Hitler said that Germany either the entire ethnic German or those who have a lot of German descent are in Czechoslovakia and Romania as well as several other countries .

" Hitler told the Germans that time ( which was in Czechoslovakia and Romania ) it is not treated properly . He also states must go to save its citizens and it makes many people nervous , " said Clinton .

What is expressed by Clinton is actually supported by the Russian historian , Professor Andrei Zubov . According to him , Russia does not have to behave like in the days of Hitler's Germany .

Conditions in the region of Crimea , Ukraine is still in a state of tension after Viktor Yanukovych in February ousted from power . Since then , Russia sent thousands of troops to the Crimea and siege on a military base and took over control of the airport .

Russia argued that they needed troops to protect civilians residing in Crimea . Most of the residents of Crimea is Russian -speaking ethnic and welcomed the Russian military intervention in the region .
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According to Russia , Crimea rakyata are threatened by ultra - nationalist groups since the Ukrainian revolution underway . Russia itself rejected the interim government led by the President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov assisted by the Prime Minister ( PM ) while Arseny Yatsenyuk .


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