Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JK: Governments Have No Experience, Trying Happens

Candidates vice president Jusuf Kalla said Indonesia should not lead trial and error . Indonesia should be led by an experienced person . The reason , according to the man who is familiarly called the JK , the fate of some 250 million Indonesian citizens are at stake .

" That is , the government must have experience . If no experience , it just happens later try . Affairs should be balanced , need balance , " said JK National Dialogue after Proposition Role KNPI Indonesian Picked forward and Dignity at the Grand Royal Panghegar , City Jakarta, Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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With his experience as a Vice President in 2004-2009 , could complement the deficiencies of JK optimistic partner , Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) , if elected in the next presidential election . According to him , Jokowi has the type of leadership that many changes rapidly .

"If I was , I was not as fast mobilization Jokowi . I fast , but faster Jokowi . Was the reason I chose to be a candidate for vice president , " he said .

Jokowi - JK will be dealing with Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa the 2014 presidential election . Prior to becoming Governor of Jakarta , Surakarta Mayor served Jokowi . Prabowo has no experience in government . The Hatta recently served on the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs during the second administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Bring Sabu Through Pattimura Airport, Male 24 Years Arrested

Police Resnarkoba member Ambon Island and Lease Islands man arrested AJ ( 24 ) in Ambon Pattimura International Airport since caught carrying 21 packets of methamphetamine type drug . AJ was arrested after the police get information from people concerned that often bring in shabu to Ambon .

Adj Resnarkoba Ambon Island Police AKP Haurissa Hendra told reporters at his office said the suspect was arrested on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) after stepping off the plane in Pattimura International Airport . The suspect himself had several times to enter the illicit goods through the airport to Ambon Pattimura .

" The suspect is bringing in 21 packets of shabu from Jakarta . We can info from our informants and members in the relevant field immediately arrested when he got off the plane, "said Hendra told reporters at his office on Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .
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Hendra revealed 21 packets of shabu was brought suspects to Ambon by means placed inside the shoe , it is intentionally done to trick the airport officials . Price 21 packets of shabu itself reached hundreds of millions of dollars .

"If the price dirupiahkan 1 ji for the price of Ambon was 2.4 million , so if ya 9 package could be hundreds of millions of dollars , be summed himself , " said Hendra .

He revealed , until now the police are still investigating the case whether the perpetrator is a meth dealer or courier .

" The question whether the suspect dealers , we still continue to explore because of the recognition of the suspect , the goods will be delivered to a number of names , " he said .

For his actions , the suspect will be charged under Article 112 and 114 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 concerning the crime of narcotics and illegal drugs with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison .

Meanwhile , the suspect confessed AJ is not his stuff . He also said he only drove the methamphetamine .

" Sabu was not mine . I just made ​​it among people, " he said briefly .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Wall Street rose and the S & P rose to 1,900 points

Stocks on Wall Street rose on Friday ( Saturday morning ) driven positive reports on U.S. new home sales , sending the S & P 500 closed above 1,900 points for the first time .

The S & P 500 rose 8.04 points ( 0.42 percent ) to close at 1900.53 , more than three points, beating the record index closing at the beginning of this month .

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 63.19 points ( 0.38 percent ) to finish at 16,606.27 , while the tech -heavy Nasdaq composite index rose 31.47 points ( 0.76 percent) to 4185.81 .

Record closing the S & P 500 occurred after the U.S. Commerce Department report showed that sales of new single-family homes at an annual rate of 433,000 units in April , well above analysts' estimates of 415,000 units .

" It shows there is upward momentum in the market , " said Peter
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Cardillo , chief market economist at Rockwell Global Capital . " It's safe to say that the bull does have long legs . "

Trading volume has been low all week , a trend that continued on Friday as some investors on Wall Street leaving for vacation early ahead of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday when the market is closed .

Michael James , managing director of stock trading at Wedbush Securities, said few investors who are trying to save the equity shares of technology and other bermomentum compared to a few weeks ago .

" As there are few sellers in many stocks , it has been easier for them to move higher , " said James .

Most of the leading technology stocks performed well , including Apple rose 1.1 percent , up 1.4 percent Facebook and Google rose 1.4 percent . But in the losing column are down 3.2 percent and Twitter biotechnology company Gilead Sciences slumped 2.4 percent .

Hewlett - Packard jumped 6.1 percent after reporting fiscal second -quarter earnings that met expectations in the middle of the sales were slightly less good . The computer company also announced it will cut an additional 11000-16000 over 34,000 employees announced earlier .

Athletic shoe retailer Foot Locker rose 1.6 percent as earnings of 1.10 dollars per share in the first quarter , surpassing expectations by four cents . Sales of its stores jumped 7.6 percent from a year ago .

Cybersecurity company FireEye has the support of an increase in its stock ratings by Barclays , up 3.4 percent .

Bond prices rose . The yield on U.S. government 10 - year maturity fell to 2.54 percent from 2.56 percent on Thursday , while the 30 - year fell to 3.40 percent from 3.43 percent . Prices and bond yields move in opposite directions , AFP reported .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Democrat leaders Merge Support Jokowi-JK

Honorary Board Member of the Democratic Party , Suaidy Marasabessy , decided to support couples and Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla as the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate .
According Suaidy , decision support Jokowi - JK is a personal decision .

" Mr. Jokowi I know ( he ) has been six years . Character I 've compared the two candidates , " said Suaidy when contacted in Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

According Suaidy , vision - mission capable of presidential and vice presidential mixed by someone else . However , he said , Jokowi have the character of a leader who can be trusted .
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Former Chief of General Staff of the TNI , said his party is currently neutral in the presidential election on July 9 .
However, Chairman of the Democratic Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked the cadres so that they do not vote.

"That right there is a political choice , " said Secretary of the Committee of the Democratic Convention .

Suaidy added, he joined the team working together with former Vice- Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Golkar Party , Luhut Binsar Panjaitan .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sexual Crime Victims Families Reject Mediation with Saint Monica

Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) said , the family L ( 3.5 ) , Saint Monica Playgroup students are suspected to be victims of sexual crimes extracurricular dance teachers , refuse mediation with the school . Family wants the case prosecuted.

" We heard the school will conduct the mediation -related cases . However , the family refused the mediation process , " said Commissioner Susan KPAI in KPAI building , Menteng , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) .

According to him , there is a criminal act that the law should remain running . KPAI also would encourage the police to investigate this case until completion .
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" We will write to the police to handle the case to its conclusion . If within one or two days there has been no positive developments , we will invite the police to discuss the case , " he continued .

KPAI also want the case at Saint Monica resolved through the appropriate legal principles of child protection . KPAI plans to call the playgroup principals to clarify the confusion of data on the number of students and the information from the victim's family . The meeting is planned on Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) at 11:00 noon .

As reported previously , students in Playgroup Saint Monica L , Sunter , North Jakarta , is suspected to be victims of sexual crimes committed extracurricular dance teachers , commonly summoned " miss " . Police have examined several witnesses , including baby sitters , parents , teachers , and reported himself .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Ahead of the Declaration of Prabowo-Hatta, Golkar and the United Nations Join Axle Gerindra

Towards the declaration of presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate from Gerindra , Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa , the Golkar Party suddenly decided to join .

Signage that Golkar Party originally did not exist at the top of the table on the stage . There are only Gerindra nameplate , PKS and PAN there .

However , shortly before the declaration begins , a man carrying an additional nameplate that reads " Golkar Party " on the table .

Suddenly Gerindra cadres and sympathizers who have fulfilled the location of any scene . They welcomed the joining of the Golkar Party .
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Joining Golkar increasingly confirmed by the presence of a number of Golkar elite like Idrus Marham , Sharif Tjijip Soetardjo , and Ardi Bakire to location .

They then occupy the seats reserved for representatives just Golkar Party .

But the show started , Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie not seen present at the site .

Besides Golkar , the Crescent Star Party also suddenly comes on the scene to deliver support . UN represented by Chairman MS Kaban .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Institutional Demand Status Full Menpera

Public Housing Minister Djan insisted Faridz sue the Ministry of Housing status ( Kemenpera ) raised higher to a full ministry .

Early last year , it had rejected the request of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (minister ) because Djan remaining tenure of 1.5 years . Now , despite the thinning time , it gives the minister a positive signal .

Djan reveals that when meeting reporters ahead of his final term in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

" I have appealed to the minister to change Kemenpera into a full ministry . Minister has agreed in principle . We have appointed consultants . Consultants have started working , we are still waiting for the consultant when its finished , " said Djan .
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According to him , to raise the status of Kemenpera form the ministry who are in a higher category with portfolios , Kemenpera could have a bigger budget and greater authority .

In addition, the full institutional can make more aggressive Kemenpera provide a home for the Indonesian population , especially low-income communities ( MBR ) . For the record , until now , Indonesia shortage of 15 million housing units . This number will continue to grow each year when the house needs 800,000 to 1 million units per year can only be fulfilled 150000-200000 units .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cirebon Dengue Alert

Community Cirebon , West Java , wary of attack dengue fever in the changing seasons of the year because the disease has claimed .

Cirebon Mayor , Ano Sutrisno Saturday * 3/5 ) , told reporters in Cirebon said it recognizes too late to overcome the attack of dengue fever victims to happen , he urged people wasapadi the disease .
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He added that the victims of dengue fever in the District Harjamukti two people died , local residents now have to watch it will conduct fogging . Change the season to be a major factor , in addition to the community while maintaining a healthy environment.

While two of the victims were reportedly dengue fever which attacks , Anis Zulaefah ( 17 ), a resident of RT 02 RW 07 Kp Kriyan West , Village Pegambiran , and Tino ( 11 ) District of Harjamukti Housing residents .

Iskandar said the victim 's uncle , Anis Zulaefah , died on 30 April 2014 at 3:05 pm at the RS source Sane .

According to him , before the victim was hospitalized on 21 April 2014 , his health declined due to low platelet count, only 10 thousand . Until ICCU had entered the room .

Mohammed , a resident of the District Government deplores Harjamukti Cirebon slowly overcome dengue fever , when they knew and experienced any change in seasons often attack people .

" Sanitas Cirebon environment worsens, where clogged drains after floods , has yet to be repaired prone to various diseases , " he said .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lifting Far from Target

Special Unit Upstream Oil and Gas ( SKK Migas ) , said oil lifting in April about 804 thousand barrels per day ( bpd ) . Results were still very far from such lifting Budget 2014 870 thousand bpd .

Head of Public Relations of Oil and Gas SKK , Handoyo Budi Santoso said , lifting oil in April is still far from the target .
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However , the production is better than the previous month that only 790 thousand bpd . " Yesterday there was a problem in the first quarter , " he said , Wednesday ( 30/4 ) .

According Handoyo , the target set in the state budget in 2014 amounted to 870 thousand bpd will still cultivated . He said he still has not filed a revised target of lifting the oil .

He said , the state budget will propose P 204 is not the same as the budget target of 2014. Because oil lifting is now only about 804 thousand bpd . Figures filing it will be reviewed .

Handoyo said it will seek to improve oil lifting . As a result , the decline in oil production will not be repeated . He hoped , closing oil and gas projects that occur will not interfere with the performance of the oil production operations .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A citizen Infected by Virus MERS

The Ministry of Health states , a citizen suspected of contracting the virus Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus ( MERS - CoV ) . The patient is currently being treated at King Saud Hospital Jeddah .

" The citizens have been living in Saudi Arabia , Umrah pilgrims not . Treated in Hospital King Saud Jeddah from the date of 20 April 2014 on suspicion of corona virus infection , " said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health ( P2PL ) Ministry of Health Tjandra Yoga Aditama in electronic mail in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 )
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Ministry of Health , Tjandra said , not knowing the condition of citizens initials NA ( 61 ) who allegedly contracted the MERS . " I 've talked last night directly to the Director General stated just now already contacted the Foreign Ministry and the Indonesian Ambassador in Saudi Arabia , there is indeed confirmed this patient , " said Tjandra .

He said , the Ministry of Health will conduct strict monitoring of MERS - CoV case that is circulating in some of the Arab countries .

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) reports , MERS - CoV cases currently going on in Mecca and Medina which is the main cities for pilgrimage . " For Indonesia this would be very important because it is the city that all Umrah pilgrims visited Indonesia , " said Tjandra .

In addition , cases of transmission to health care workers in hospitals continues to occur from patients treated , so it takes an important observation about human transmission pattern which the world's major pandemic level . " Previously most cases only the local residents or the general public who are not pilgrims Umrah visitors , " said Tjandra .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Obama: Myanmar will not Succeed If Oppressed Muslims

President of the United States ( U.S. ), Barack Obama said , the rights of the minority Muslim population of Myanmar is not fully protected .

Obama even warned Southeast Asian countries that they will not be successful if there are oppressed people of Islam .
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Obama made an important point that , during a visit to Malaysia , on Sunday ( 27/4 ) . In his arrival at the Kuala Lumpur , Obama praised the political reforms taking place in one isolated point in Myanmar .

However , the number one U.S. was delivered , the danger of democracy that can liberate and religious and ethnic conflict in these developments bring Myanmar towards the worse .

'' You have a Muslim minority ( in Myanmar ) , the magnitude of the population historically , looked down and no rights are fully protected , '' Obama said in a meeting with young leaders from across South East Asia in Kuala Lumpur , as quoted by Reuters , Sunday ( 27/4 ) .

'' Myanmar will not work if the oppressed Muslim population , '' he said back .

Human rights groups and other observers the world in the field of security forces was called , the Rohingya people of Myanmar have been victims of attacks and harassment broadly , in recent years .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Depression , Onar Virgin Australia Author Remarks Not Asked

Performers troublemaker in Virgin Air , Matt Christopher can not be questioned by the police . Because , youth psychiatric conditions 28 years from Australia was not yet stable .

" Not allowing for questioning , " said Head of Bali Police spokesman Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hery Wiyanto , Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) .
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Hery said , of the results of the investigation while , Matt was depressed due to family problems . It is not yet known exactly what the family issues that are being experienced by a man who tried to enter the room Virgin Australia aircraft cockpit on Friday 's . "We could not ask for more information in the concerned , " he said .

Until now , the status of Matt still unexamined . " He will undergo a medical first, then we ask for more information . Status is still under evaluation , " said Hery .

On Friday, April 25, 2014 , people with information digegerkan plane hijacking that happened after the Australian airline Air Traffic Controller ( ATC ) Ngurah Rai International Airport receives signals from the cockpit hijacking at around 14:05 pm .

That information was then forwarded to the police and security officers after combined for handling the plane diverted to the south apron near Ngurah Rai Air Force Base .

Officers then caught Matt to be brought to the Bali Police . Matt allegedly drunk when performing the action .

As a result of the incident , eight aircraft to land was diverted to the nearest airport . While five other aircraft about to take off had to be postponed . The airport authority also forced to temporarily close air traffic for nearly an hour .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The end of April , the Government Completes Review of Social Aid Fund at 11 K / L

Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK ) will re- examine the social grants ( Bansos ) in 2014 in 11 Ministries / Institutions . The total budget is reached Rp18 , 6 trillion of total social assistance this year to reach Rp91 , 8 trillion .

BPK assess social assistance funds at 11 K / L is vulnerable to acts of fraud and misappropriation because it is not included in the program are classified in the category of social assistance .

" Prevention efforts , so we tried to call the correct criteria , funding recipients also true . Transparent not overlap , accountable , " said Chairman of BPK Mardiasmo , when met after the meeting with the Ministry of Finance , Ministry of Interior and the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) in office of the Ministry of Finance , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .
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According to him , social assistance included in the review process is the social assistance funds that do not belong to the category of social protection to the community . " In previous years like what , like what year now . See additional baseball . What it's really just an extra activity or social assistance alone . Later we see with more detail , " he said .

Some ministries will be examined , among others , the Ministry of Agriculture , Ministry of Religious Affairs , the Ministry of Education and Culture , Ministry of Housing , Ministry of Public Works , Ministry of Rural Development ( PDT ) and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries ( MMAF ) .

The review process , added Mardiasmo , expected to be completed by the end of April 2014 before being handed over to the Ministry of Finance ( MOF ) as a recommendation . Furthermore, the Commission will also be discussed .

" The end result was that later no state budget . , Where there will be a new policy , if passed , or on - hold , or reduced to truly bansos . Unless the regular , normal nature , do not enter bansos , yes issued , enter shopping goods for example . So do not let the wrong posture as well , " he said .


Monday, April 21, 2014

KRL passengers Bekasi: "Yes", the Demo Success!

KRL Commuter Line from the passenger station demonstrations Bekasi happy because they are doing on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) successfully . The usual train they were riding no longer be delayed .

" Yes , the demo is successful, " said Ria spontaneously , when he saw that he usually rode trains arrive on time on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Ria expect good performance KRL currently not survive within a matter of weeks. According to him , the performance should be better for the sake of KRL passengers .

Bekasi Station Chief Kris Smith admitted that he had made ​​efforts improved performance since last Friday . According to him , the train is now no longer experience delays due to be dispatched directly from Bekasi Station . Whereas before , the train was brought in from the first station to the City of Bekasi Station .

" If yesterday it was 7:15 train schedule departing from City Station yes 07:15 . Soon to Bekasi , already full of passengers who ride from Cikini and Kranji . They usually ride accident that direction Bekasi first in order to sit . Different now . 07:15 Now , the train is stand by on the Bekasi station directly from the depot . train entered was empty . Later 07:30 , trains come again , " Smith said when met in Bekasi Station .

Operational Director of PT KAI Edi Suryanto , that when the said demonstrations would come to fix the Bekasi Station KRL performance , not looks . According to Smith , Edi actually deal directly with the problem of delay the train schedule from the center .

" In fact if he 's here every day , would not have a major impact . Instead, he was responsible to arrange direct train schedules , " said Smith .

Regarding the demands given KRL passengers on the demo , Smith said it had its best attempt . Threats of passengers who said they would do a massive demonstration if the demands are not met within three days , according to him , does not need to be done .

" Do not demolah , if the demo right that we all lose , " he said .

When the massive demonstration , passengers occupying the rail in Bekasi Station requires three things . First , ask the PT KCJ to fix the schedule KRL Commuter Line and other facilities . Second , they asked PT KAI to prioritize itinerary KRL Bekasi - Jakarta to train out of town . Third , they ask for the charge was carried out over 3 days after the letter was made .

If these demands are not implemented within 3 days , KRL passengers simultaneously promised to do a demo and bigger than the day . They also demanded President Director of PT KAI and KCJ to come down from the post .
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Lastly, they threatened a lawsuit to the Ombudsman about the public service by requesting the change of material and immaterial to the passengers . The lawsuit refers to Law No. 25 of 2009 Article 50 Paragraph 8 .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Real Sector Investment

MAYBE this time we often hear the term investment . Some to mean that the investment is sacrificing something in the present to get something in the future with the hope of a better course ( Abdul Halim , 2005:4 ) .

Essentially an investment in the placement of funds in the hope of obtaining a profit in the future . Various kinds of investments can be made ​​in various fields of human life , ranging from very simple to highly complex investment and requires specialized knowledge .
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But in general the investment can be divided into two major parts , namely :

1 . Investment in the real sector ( real assets ) . Invest in products that are more physically visible , eg the production sector , property , and others .

2 . Nonriil sector investments ( financial assets ) . Investments in financial products and derivatives markets more "invisible " physically , eg ordinary shares and bonds .

In other words nonriil investment or financial investment is to invest funds in securities ( financial assets ) are expected to increase in value in the future .

Next we will discuss more about mandalam Investment in the real sector .

Investment real rector very in enjoy doing in the era of 1970-1990 's. But with the changing times people start turning her little their views on the financial sector . It did not escape because of the global crisis that hit the world economy , especially in Indonesia , which is very significant impact so as many investors are out of business due to a very large degree of loss .

Most of the real sector investments require substantial capital . Furthermore, a majority of real investment requires a relatively long time to develop because of the amount of capital . As a consequence and at once weakness , liquidity is not as fast as the financial sector investments .

This has become an obstacle for investors middle class to survive in the world of investment . These characteristics not unusual because the investment sector is engaged in property , plantation , manufacturing , services and technology .

To be able to invest in plantations of course many things that we must meet , in addition to substantial capital . Starting from the search point , search the employee , the manager of the garden and so on . Invest in the real sector means we should be protagonists of managing the development of the field .

Another example : If we buy a house for investment . Property values ​​usually never decreases and is always increasing . But on the other hand when you want to dilute your investment , then it should look for people who have enough money to buy your home value may have gone up tens to hundreds of percent . Finding a buyer like this is not easy , this is where the problem occurs liquidity .

In addition there are obstacles that must be faced also by investors , which can be grouped in three main factors , namely :

- Policies industry is still weak and unfocused , such as political stability and the rule of law , labor law , energy policy ( fuel and electricity ) , environmental policy , supervision and illegal importation of goods in circulation , and other things that cause the business climate in the country is not conducive .

- Fiscal policy is not comprehensive , as it is more focused on achieving revenue targets astray , while the long-term ( ie : continuity industry ) is unthinkable .

- Monetary policy is still not favoring the real sector because some sectors assessed at high risk , such as: banking intermediation function is not optimal , high bank interest rates when compared with deposit rates , financial liquidity in financial institutions / banks for the industrial sector is very low .

Of the factors mentioned above , ultimately leading to the competitiveness of the real sector is not competitive products because it can not meet the demands of the market : Competitive price, high quality , on time delivery , and responsiveness toward trade communication .

Actually, this condition is unfortunate , because economic growth is expected from the high consumption or in other words, consumption is expected as the motor of economic growth .

Though private consumption may continue to be high without an increase in revenue in the real sector places where people work and earn income .

As for the increase in the real sector requires investment income , either in the form of an extension / expansion or new investment , thus increasing the capacity / production and create new products in anticipation of changes in market demand .

Increased capacity / production this is tantamount to absorb new workers and increase the income of workers which in turn spur economic growth in Indonesia .

From the above perspective , it is clear that the growth in the real sector plays an extremely important role in the economic growth process . In the absence of growth in the real sector there will be no economic growth . Therefore, the growth of the real sector requires investment to maintain sustainable economic growth itself.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Police suspect the shooting group creator Mathias Wenda

Papua Police suspect the author a series of shootings in Skouw - Wutung RI - PNG border , Muara Tami district , Jayapura city a few times lately conducted by Mathias Wenda et al .

" We expect the shooting of a group of Mathias Wenda . Mathias Wenda group so we clarify as CLA which has been troubling the border communities , " said Head of the Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr Sulistyo Pudjo told reporters in Jayapura on Thursday .

According to him , the cause of the closure of the border crossing between Indonesia and PNG as well as the impact of CLA Mathias Wenda shootings . " And the one that caused the closure of the border crossing at Skouw - Wutung , because they ( CLA Mathias Wenda , red) interfere with the progress of efforts public economic activities in PNG and Indonesia border crossings , " he said .

Police , said Police Commissioner Sulistyo still giving chase to the CLA Mathias Wenda . " Police will continue to pursue . These groups will certainly continue to interfere , we find the exact formulas how to solve this problem , " he said .

When being asked whether the shooting Thursday morning around 05.30 Wit to the security post at the boundary between Indonesia and PNG by Mathias Wenda CLA casualties , Head of Public Relations to say no . " The death toll this morning nothing . , But yesterday's shootings , victims of shootings that struck Herrera brothers , today at 12:00 Wit has invoked the Almighty ( dead , red ) , because it caused severe injuries to the bone and the base of the right arm , " he says .

" Most likely concerned ( Herrera , red) in shock , in the sense that his physical condition was not able to withstand the pain and blood loss is quite a lot . We also tried quite a lot of blood transfusion but God willed to call in question . Hopefully charity received Herry Bhakti saudra at his side , " he continued .
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And the actions of police , said Police Commissioner Sulistyo , will continue to find out who is responsible for the shooting . " Of course this is a criminal act , we will find who is responsible for that action , which is the highest Mathias Wenda . And we find out who the operator in the field , we seek to identify the perpetrators , " he concluded .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The testimony of the South Ferry Captain Sewol ...

SEOUL - Remarks vary the ferry sinking South Korea (ROK ) . According to the survivors , those who survive on the ship can not save themselves .

The passengers were successfully delivered , a few facts about the events that shook South Korea . Many of them judge not given a great opportunity to escape from the ship .
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Some passengers said that they were asked to remain in the seat or cabin . They were initially comply with his injunction , then immediately attempt to get out of the boat because of the position of the ferry boat suddenly tilted sharply .

A passenger named Kim Sung Mook said , he must fight to save approximately 30 students who are not able to ship out of the hall . He intends to bring the students to the fourth floor deck of the ship .

" I can not get them out , because the position is very skewed . Vessel sinks are also in position and nothing to hold onto . They also can not crawl on the floor because of the wet and slippery , " said Kim , as quoted by Reuters on Thursday ( 17/4 / 2014 ) .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dino Patti Djalal : Democratic presidential candidate Will Carry Set

Proceeds Democrats voice low in the 2014 election, did not dampen the spirit of Dino Patti Djalal . Former Ambassador to the United States RI remains opimistis convention fight in the Democratic Party presidential candidate .

Contact VIVAnews , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Dino says Democrat convention will still continue to determine who is carried in the upcoming Presidential Election .

"I still remain optimistic in the convention . Moreover, I see no option Democrats to push a presidential candidate , not cawapres together a coalition of political parties could be invited , " Dino deliver the short message to VIVAnews .
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According to him, the map of the country's politics in the democratic party this time will be more dynamic with the Democratic presidential candidate . As a result, people have many choices in determining the nation's leader for five years ahead. For Dino , it is good for democracy in his homeland .

" Pak SBY and the Democrats will still be king maker in the Presidential Election this time , " he said.

It added , based observasinya , 11 participants Democratic Party presidential candidate convention is credible leaders and professionals. When not selected , Dino Further , it will receive with open chest .

" But optimist , I will not selective legowo if later . I leave all that to the Democratic Party and the convention committee , " he uttered .


Perbanas: Acquisition by Bank BTN Will Strengthen Performance

Step PT Bank Mandiri Tbk took over ownership of the State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) of the government could provide a positive impact for the two state-owned banks .

Chairman Pramod Perbanas Sigit said the BTN has the power in terms of lending (mortgage ) . To that end , the bank asked to maintain distinctiveness BTN , and can even improve the ability .

" On the other hand , BTN also has the disadvantage that in terms of cheap funding . During the BTN is less able to maximize the acquisition of deposits from the public . Taken over by The Independent , a weakness that could certainly be covered , " he said Wednesday ( 04.16.2014 ) .

Meanwhile the Independent , the entry of BTN in its business structure will further expand the scope of the bank business .

Sigit said , BTN acquisition by Mandiri also in accordance with the Indonesian banking architecture . Especially for state-owned banks , there will be one big bank that international beskala . " This is a very strategic decision , " he continued .
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As reported earlier , the Ministry of SOEs has requested the Bank to acquire BTN to take over all shares owned by the government . The continuation of the corporate action is expected to be decided in the general meeting of shareholders extraordinary ( EGM ) next month .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

The contents of the envelope Indonesian Math, UN Postponed

National Examination manuscript about 105 students confused cause SMA Negeri 1 Kwandang , North Gorontalo , canceled following the UN on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Head of Education Department of Secondary Education , Rahim said Hartono , UN delays occur in students majoring in Natural Sciences ( IPA ) for the Indonesian subjects .

Hartono explained that the label on the cover of the UN manuscript written Indonesian , but once opened , it turns out it about the subject of Mathematics .

As a result , six special space science majors can not follow the UN because it lacks a script can not be directly addressed .

Information obtained from the National Education Department of Gorontalo Province , the number of students who fail to follow the UN is quite a lot , so it will be included in the supplementary examinations , April 25 next .

" We have coordinated with the province and forced the students will take the following tests next week , " said Hartono .

Head of State High School 1 Kwandang , Hesty Paerah claimed , the entire test script stored in the Police Headquarters Sector ( Mapolsek ) Kwandang , so it is guaranteed safe . " So certainly wraparound labels are swapped before being sent to Gorontalo , " he said .
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He claimed to worry about the same event will be repeated for the other subjects , because the entire manuscript matter could not be taken , even opened before the exam was held .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easily Install Android Apps on BlackBerry 10

In the last edition , PULSE has shared about what updates are carried by the update version 10.2.1 . Where an increase in the ability to run Android applications to be one of the most interesting points .

Android applications that can operate on BlackBerry 10 memnag system is nothing new , just prior to its current version , there is a long process to do that before we can install it to the BlackBerry 10 users have to convert the file format . APK to . BAR . Afterwards , there is the installation process is not simple at all the so-called sideloading .

While now BB1 - user devices with the operating system version 10.2.1 can install Android applications directly from the file format . APKhanya through its BlackBerry 10 devices .

Here's how:

1 . Prepares Android installation file format . APK . You can get the file . APK from various sources , such as through the website at APK downloaders or by installing a third-party app markets such as Amazon 's App Store and 1mobile Market .
(see also: Waptrick Situs Download)

2 . Move APK files from a computer to a folder on the memory card or the internal memory of your BlackBerry 10 .

3 . Afterwards , run the default application File Manager . Open the folder where you saved the file . APK .

4 . Click on the file . APK or hold on the file icon . APK then select Install from the context menu .

5 . Click Install on the next screen which displays the application information .

6 . Currently first installation files . APK with this method there is a setting that must be done . Such menu will appear . Click on Settings .

7 . Change the option "Allow Apps from Other ... " to the On position .

8 . BB10 you will install the application automatically , wait until the process is complete .

9 . Afterwards the application icon will appear on the homescreen .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

BlackBerry denies Want Out of Business Smartphone

Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) yesterday , Reuters news agency published the results of interviews with BlackBerry CEO John Chen stated that the company would go out of business if the devices continue to experience losses .

That is , could have stopped the BlackBerry smartphone when it is deemed necessary to make do financially . " If I can not bring in money from the handset , I will not go into business devices , " Chen said at the time.

Moments after the news portal extends through many other news - including KompasTekno - Chen issued a clarification on the BlackBerry blog post .

In it , he said that the interview with Reuters had taken " out of context " and asserted that the BlackBerry does not intend to get out of the phone business .

" I know that you still love with the BlackBerry device . Liked them and I also know that these devices became the foundation of the company . Our focus now is to find a way to bring in a profit from this business , " wrote Chen .

He explained that the company's BlackBerry not only depend on the phone , but to present a comprehensive, end - to-end in which the handset is one part.

In this case , the mobile phone business revenue was supported by income from other businesses like enterprise services , software , and messaging . Chen added that Blackberry also investing in the technology of machine- to- machine that would become the backbone of the Internet of Things .

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Lastly, he stated that the business will continue its BlackBerry phones and devices with the release of " iconic keyboard " and other features are identical to the Canadian company .

"Do not worry , we will continue to fight . We have not given up and will not leave the business , " said Chen .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

'Body Plastic Galaxy S5 So Secret Weapon'

Some people consider plastic body in the S5 Galaxy phones less attractive . But it is actually considered as a secret weapon Samsung . Why is that ?

" Plastic body is not a bad thing , especially when considering that the plastic rear casing can be opened it is important selling points of the Galaxy phones and a one of the biggest reasons to buy the Galaxy than the iPhone , " according to David Carnoy of Cnet tech media .

The back can be opened allowing easy access to the battery so that it can immediately be replaced if damage occurs . "You just bring extra batteries and replace immediately if the battery runs out , " wrote David .

Indeed, the phone battery will not always be working properly . " If there is something wrong with your iPhone battery , for example , you have to bring it to the Apple Store to replace it with the price is quite expensive , " added David . (see also: pakan burung pleci)

Rear body can be opened can also be a safe place and a microSD slot , according to David , it is becoming more value Galaxy S. On the other hand , the Galaxy rear casing can also be replaced with accessories , such as installing a different style casing .

" The flexibility of battery that can be replaced and the memory can be expanded in particular , is the main thing that distinguishes the Samsung with the iPhone , " said David , who quoted from Cnet , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .


Monday, March 31, 2014

Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Ideology Break

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has done a number of early breakthrough in his leadership . The latest step is the launching of Microsoft Office for Apple's digital slate , the iPad .

Microsoft's Nadella considered changing ideology , during which only provides application for Windows and Windows Phone platforms . Moreover , Apple is one of the strongest competitor of Microsoft . " We 've committed to make applications that are cross- platform , " Nadella said , as reported by the Independent site , Sunday , March 30, 2014 . (see also: waptrick)

According to India 's bloody man , the Office is now present in the iPad is the first step to realizing his dream that people worldwide can enjoy the services of Microsoft . Nadella also make sure Microsoft will eventually develop the technology so that all mobile device users can enjoy Office .

Office for the iPad is already available in the Apple Store along with touch controls and other tools . This application also comes with special settings . For full use , this iPad Office application users must subscribe to Office 365 . The monthly fee of U.S. $ 6.99 or approximately USD 79 thousand and U.S. $ 69.99 or U.S. $ 800 per year .

Nadella focus in working on cross- platform technology is very different from what has been done by the founder of Microsoft , Bill Gates , and former Managing Director of Microsoft , Steve Ballmer . Both selling brand of Office to strengthen sales of Windows -based devices .

Actually , Nadella leadership model has been read when he became head of cloud computing or cloud . At that time he stated did not expect to reap the many advantages of cloud services Microsoft Azure . Nonetheless , Nadella much to learn from the successful passing of Apple 's iCloud service .
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One of the lessons that he took , is to have the cloud can be enjoyed by all people . As a result, Microsoft has now imposed a discounted price for the Azure service to make it more affordable .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bird Data, Numenius tahitiensis

40-44 cm . Gajahan sized . Clearly marked head pattern . Dark side crown and eye - stripe contrast with central crown and pale eyebrows . The top bungalan speckled , streaked buangalan the bottom . Bottom wing dark cinnamon , brown stripes. Tunggir and upper tail feathers cinnamon unmarked . Legs blue - gray . Part brightly colored base to brown , elongated and heavy . Children : the bottom is not streaky , and upper wing cover bungalan big spots .

Other information
Latin Name : Numenius tahitiensis
English Name : Bristle - thighed Curlew
Indonesian Name : Gajahan tahiti
(see also: obat burung)
Altitude : 0-350 m
Ekstralimital :
Endemic : -
Indonesian endemic : No
Regional Distribution : Sulawesi
IUCN Status : VU
Status Year : 2012
Protected type : None
Birds Limited Distribution : Not

Shape Description :40 - 44 cm . Gajahan sized . Clearly marked head pattern . Dark side crown and eye - stripe contrast with central crown and pale eyebrows . The top bungalan speckled , streaked buangalan the bottom . Bottom wing dark cinnamon , brown stripes. Tunggir and upper tail feathers cinnamon unmarked . Legs blue - gray . Part brightly colored base to brown , elongated and heavy . Children : the bottom is not streaky , and upper wing cover bungalan big spots .

Sound Description : Chi - u -it short , whistling whe - whe - whe - whe , whee - wheeoo rings .
Habit : Long-lived ( 15-23 years ) , monogamous
Global Spread : breeding in the Yukon River bottom and middle of the Seward Peninsula , western Alaska , United States . In the winter was on oceanic islands including Kep . Hawaii , up to Kep . Solomon , Australia , New Zealand , the UK and Chile .
Local deployment : Only recorded once in 1996 in Buton , Sulawesi offshore islands . In a certain number of population , this rare type of visitor the possibility of using the Wallacea region as a location for wandering regularly. (see also: vitamin burung)
Habitat : Tundra , sandy beaches , coastal rocks
Pressure : Hunting , of the type introduced predators ( dogs , cats )


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know Your Branches of Biological Sciences

Biology is the study of the ins and outs of living things . To be able to study in detail the living creatures Biology dibagilah into several branches of science . There are 15 branches of the science of biology , among these .(see also: pakan burung)

Botany : study of plants .
Zoology : the study of animals .
Evolution : the study of the change of living things from moment to moment a long time and is very slow .
Embryology : the study of living things change starts from egg to adult .
Genetics : the study of the reduction in parental character trait in the offspring .
Classification : the study of living things step grouping held by specific classes .
Taxonomy : the science that studies living things according to taxon - specific taxon or group .
Anatomy : the study of the composition within the living body .
Physiology : the study of kefaalan ( signs of life ) of a living being .
Morphology : the study of the composition of the outer form of a living creature .
Bacteriology : the study of bacteria .
Palaeontology : the study of the relics of antiquity .
Ecology : the study of the fabric of reciprocity in living organisms with their environment .
Biotechnology : the study of genetic engineering .(see also: pakan burung kacer)
Teralogi : the study of step changes in the embryo .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton: As Putin Adolf Hitler

WASHINGTON - Former Secretary of State United States ( U.S. ) Hillary Clinton further worsen tensions between Russia and the West , Ukraine related issues . Clinton calls Russian President Vladimir Putin as Adolf Hilter .
( see also: lomba burung )

" Russia's efforts to annex the Crimea region is not much different from the German annexation in Cekoslovakis in 1939 , " Clinton said , as quoted by the Mirror on Thursday ( 03/06/2014 ) .

" So time is no stranger in your ears , ( Russian -made ) is the same as that carried out by Hitler in 1939 , " he continued .

Clinton said , during the 1930s , Hitler said that Germany either the entire ethnic German or those who have a lot of German descent are in Czechoslovakia and Romania as well as several other countries .

" Hitler told the Germans that time ( which was in Czechoslovakia and Romania ) it is not treated properly . He also states must go to save its citizens and it makes many people nervous , " said Clinton .

What is expressed by Clinton is actually supported by the Russian historian , Professor Andrei Zubov . According to him , Russia does not have to behave like in the days of Hitler's Germany .

Conditions in the region of Crimea , Ukraine is still in a state of tension after Viktor Yanukovych in February ousted from power . Since then , Russia sent thousands of troops to the Crimea and siege on a military base and took over control of the airport .

Russia argued that they needed troops to protect civilians residing in Crimea . Most of the residents of Crimea is Russian -speaking ethnic and welcomed the Russian military intervention in the region .
( see also: video lomba burung )

According to Russia , Crimea rakyata are threatened by ultra - nationalist groups since the Ukrainian revolution underway . Russia itself rejected the interim government led by the President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov assisted by the Prime Minister ( PM ) while Arseny Yatsenyuk .