Monday, March 31, 2014

Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Ideology Break

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has done a number of early breakthrough in his leadership . The latest step is the launching of Microsoft Office for Apple's digital slate , the iPad .

Microsoft's Nadella considered changing ideology , during which only provides application for Windows and Windows Phone platforms . Moreover , Apple is one of the strongest competitor of Microsoft . " We 've committed to make applications that are cross- platform , " Nadella said , as reported by the Independent site , Sunday , March 30, 2014 . (see also: waptrick)

According to India 's bloody man , the Office is now present in the iPad is the first step to realizing his dream that people worldwide can enjoy the services of Microsoft . Nadella also make sure Microsoft will eventually develop the technology so that all mobile device users can enjoy Office .

Office for the iPad is already available in the Apple Store along with touch controls and other tools . This application also comes with special settings . For full use , this iPad Office application users must subscribe to Office 365 . The monthly fee of U.S. $ 6.99 or approximately USD 79 thousand and U.S. $ 69.99 or U.S. $ 800 per year .

Nadella focus in working on cross- platform technology is very different from what has been done by the founder of Microsoft , Bill Gates , and former Managing Director of Microsoft , Steve Ballmer . Both selling brand of Office to strengthen sales of Windows -based devices .

Actually , Nadella leadership model has been read when he became head of cloud computing or cloud . At that time he stated did not expect to reap the many advantages of cloud services Microsoft Azure . Nonetheless , Nadella much to learn from the successful passing of Apple 's iCloud service .
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One of the lessons that he took , is to have the cloud can be enjoyed by all people . As a result, Microsoft has now imposed a discounted price for the Azure service to make it more affordable .

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