Monday, May 26, 2014

Bring Sabu Through Pattimura Airport, Male 24 Years Arrested

Police Resnarkoba member Ambon Island and Lease Islands man arrested AJ ( 24 ) in Ambon Pattimura International Airport since caught carrying 21 packets of methamphetamine type drug . AJ was arrested after the police get information from people concerned that often bring in shabu to Ambon .

Adj Resnarkoba Ambon Island Police AKP Haurissa Hendra told reporters at his office said the suspect was arrested on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) after stepping off the plane in Pattimura International Airport . The suspect himself had several times to enter the illicit goods through the airport to Ambon Pattimura .

" The suspect is bringing in 21 packets of shabu from Jakarta . We can info from our informants and members in the relevant field immediately arrested when he got off the plane, "said Hendra told reporters at his office on Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .
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Hendra revealed 21 packets of shabu was brought suspects to Ambon by means placed inside the shoe , it is intentionally done to trick the airport officials . Price 21 packets of shabu itself reached hundreds of millions of dollars .

"If the price dirupiahkan 1 ji for the price of Ambon was 2.4 million , so if ya 9 package could be hundreds of millions of dollars , be summed himself , " said Hendra .

He revealed , until now the police are still investigating the case whether the perpetrator is a meth dealer or courier .

" The question whether the suspect dealers , we still continue to explore because of the recognition of the suspect , the goods will be delivered to a number of names , " he said .

For his actions , the suspect will be charged under Article 112 and 114 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 concerning the crime of narcotics and illegal drugs with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison .

Meanwhile , the suspect confessed AJ is not his stuff . He also said he only drove the methamphetamine .

" Sabu was not mine . I just made ​​it among people, " he said briefly .


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