Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cirebon Dengue Alert

Community Cirebon , West Java , wary of attack dengue fever in the changing seasons of the year because the disease has claimed .

Cirebon Mayor , Ano Sutrisno Saturday * 3/5 ) , told reporters in Cirebon said it recognizes too late to overcome the attack of dengue fever victims to happen , he urged people wasapadi the disease .
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He added that the victims of dengue fever in the District Harjamukti two people died , local residents now have to watch it will conduct fogging . Change the season to be a major factor , in addition to the community while maintaining a healthy environment.

While two of the victims were reportedly dengue fever which attacks , Anis Zulaefah ( 17 ), a resident of RT 02 RW 07 Kp Kriyan West , Village Pegambiran , and Tino ( 11 ) District of Harjamukti Housing residents .

Iskandar said the victim 's uncle , Anis Zulaefah , died on 30 April 2014 at 3:05 pm at the RS source Sane .

According to him , before the victim was hospitalized on 21 April 2014 , his health declined due to low platelet count, only 10 thousand . Until ICCU had entered the room .

Mohammed , a resident of the District Government deplores Harjamukti Cirebon slowly overcome dengue fever , when they knew and experienced any change in seasons often attack people .

" Sanitas Cirebon environment worsens, where clogged drains after floods , has yet to be repaired prone to various diseases , " he said .


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