Thursday, April 10, 2014

BlackBerry denies Want Out of Business Smartphone

Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) yesterday , Reuters news agency published the results of interviews with BlackBerry CEO John Chen stated that the company would go out of business if the devices continue to experience losses .

That is , could have stopped the BlackBerry smartphone when it is deemed necessary to make do financially . " If I can not bring in money from the handset , I will not go into business devices , " Chen said at the time.

Moments after the news portal extends through many other news - including KompasTekno - Chen issued a clarification on the BlackBerry blog post .

In it , he said that the interview with Reuters had taken " out of context " and asserted that the BlackBerry does not intend to get out of the phone business .

" I know that you still love with the BlackBerry device . Liked them and I also know that these devices became the foundation of the company . Our focus now is to find a way to bring in a profit from this business , " wrote Chen .

He explained that the company's BlackBerry not only depend on the phone , but to present a comprehensive, end - to-end in which the handset is one part.

In this case , the mobile phone business revenue was supported by income from other businesses like enterprise services , software , and messaging . Chen added that Blackberry also investing in the technology of machine- to- machine that would become the backbone of the Internet of Things .

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Lastly, he stated that the business will continue its BlackBerry phones and devices with the release of " iconic keyboard " and other features are identical to the Canadian company .

"Do not worry , we will continue to fight . We have not given up and will not leave the business , " said Chen .


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