Friday, April 18, 2014

Police suspect the shooting group creator Mathias Wenda

Papua Police suspect the author a series of shootings in Skouw - Wutung RI - PNG border , Muara Tami district , Jayapura city a few times lately conducted by Mathias Wenda et al .

" We expect the shooting of a group of Mathias Wenda . Mathias Wenda group so we clarify as CLA which has been troubling the border communities , " said Head of the Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr Sulistyo Pudjo told reporters in Jayapura on Thursday .

According to him , the cause of the closure of the border crossing between Indonesia and PNG as well as the impact of CLA Mathias Wenda shootings . " And the one that caused the closure of the border crossing at Skouw - Wutung , because they ( CLA Mathias Wenda , red) interfere with the progress of efforts public economic activities in PNG and Indonesia border crossings , " he said .

Police , said Police Commissioner Sulistyo still giving chase to the CLA Mathias Wenda . " Police will continue to pursue . These groups will certainly continue to interfere , we find the exact formulas how to solve this problem , " he said .

When being asked whether the shooting Thursday morning around 05.30 Wit to the security post at the boundary between Indonesia and PNG by Mathias Wenda CLA casualties , Head of Public Relations to say no . " The death toll this morning nothing . , But yesterday's shootings , victims of shootings that struck Herrera brothers , today at 12:00 Wit has invoked the Almighty ( dead , red ) , because it caused severe injuries to the bone and the base of the right arm , " he says .

" Most likely concerned ( Herrera , red) in shock , in the sense that his physical condition was not able to withstand the pain and blood loss is quite a lot . We also tried quite a lot of blood transfusion but God willed to call in question . Hopefully charity received Herry Bhakti saudra at his side , " he continued .
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And the actions of police , said Police Commissioner Sulistyo , will continue to find out who is responsible for the shooting . " Of course this is a criminal act , we will find who is responsible for that action , which is the highest Mathias Wenda . And we find out who the operator in the field , we seek to identify the perpetrators , " he concluded .


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