Monday, April 21, 2014

KRL passengers Bekasi: "Yes", the Demo Success!

KRL Commuter Line from the passenger station demonstrations Bekasi happy because they are doing on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) successfully . The usual train they were riding no longer be delayed .

" Yes , the demo is successful, " said Ria spontaneously , when he saw that he usually rode trains arrive on time on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Ria expect good performance KRL currently not survive within a matter of weeks. According to him , the performance should be better for the sake of KRL passengers .

Bekasi Station Chief Kris Smith admitted that he had made ​​efforts improved performance since last Friday . According to him , the train is now no longer experience delays due to be dispatched directly from Bekasi Station . Whereas before , the train was brought in from the first station to the City of Bekasi Station .

" If yesterday it was 7:15 train schedule departing from City Station yes 07:15 . Soon to Bekasi , already full of passengers who ride from Cikini and Kranji . They usually ride accident that direction Bekasi first in order to sit . Different now . 07:15 Now , the train is stand by on the Bekasi station directly from the depot . train entered was empty . Later 07:30 , trains come again , " Smith said when met in Bekasi Station .

Operational Director of PT KAI Edi Suryanto , that when the said demonstrations would come to fix the Bekasi Station KRL performance , not looks . According to Smith , Edi actually deal directly with the problem of delay the train schedule from the center .

" In fact if he 's here every day , would not have a major impact . Instead, he was responsible to arrange direct train schedules , " said Smith .

Regarding the demands given KRL passengers on the demo , Smith said it had its best attempt . Threats of passengers who said they would do a massive demonstration if the demands are not met within three days , according to him , does not need to be done .

" Do not demolah , if the demo right that we all lose , " he said .

When the massive demonstration , passengers occupying the rail in Bekasi Station requires three things . First , ask the PT KCJ to fix the schedule KRL Commuter Line and other facilities . Second , they asked PT KAI to prioritize itinerary KRL Bekasi - Jakarta to train out of town . Third , they ask for the charge was carried out over 3 days after the letter was made .

If these demands are not implemented within 3 days , KRL passengers simultaneously promised to do a demo and bigger than the day . They also demanded President Director of PT KAI and KCJ to come down from the post .
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Lastly, they threatened a lawsuit to the Ombudsman about the public service by requesting the change of material and immaterial to the passengers . The lawsuit refers to Law No. 25 of 2009 Article 50 Paragraph 8 .


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