Thursday, April 17, 2014

The testimony of the South Ferry Captain Sewol ...

SEOUL - Remarks vary the ferry sinking South Korea (ROK ) . According to the survivors , those who survive on the ship can not save themselves .

The passengers were successfully delivered , a few facts about the events that shook South Korea . Many of them judge not given a great opportunity to escape from the ship .
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Some passengers said that they were asked to remain in the seat or cabin . They were initially comply with his injunction , then immediately attempt to get out of the boat because of the position of the ferry boat suddenly tilted sharply .

A passenger named Kim Sung Mook said , he must fight to save approximately 30 students who are not able to ship out of the hall . He intends to bring the students to the fourth floor deck of the ship .

" I can not get them out , because the position is very skewed . Vessel sinks are also in position and nothing to hold onto . They also can not crawl on the floor because of the wet and slippery , " said Kim , as quoted by Reuters on Thursday ( 17/4 / 2014 ) .


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