Sunday, April 13, 2014

The contents of the envelope Indonesian Math, UN Postponed

National Examination manuscript about 105 students confused cause SMA Negeri 1 Kwandang , North Gorontalo , canceled following the UN on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Head of Education Department of Secondary Education , Rahim said Hartono , UN delays occur in students majoring in Natural Sciences ( IPA ) for the Indonesian subjects .

Hartono explained that the label on the cover of the UN manuscript written Indonesian , but once opened , it turns out it about the subject of Mathematics .

As a result , six special space science majors can not follow the UN because it lacks a script can not be directly addressed .

Information obtained from the National Education Department of Gorontalo Province , the number of students who fail to follow the UN is quite a lot , so it will be included in the supplementary examinations , April 25 next .

" We have coordinated with the province and forced the students will take the following tests next week , " said Hartono .

Head of State High School 1 Kwandang , Hesty Paerah claimed , the entire test script stored in the Police Headquarters Sector ( Mapolsek ) Kwandang , so it is guaranteed safe . " So certainly wraparound labels are swapped before being sent to Gorontalo , " he said .
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He claimed to worry about the same event will be repeated for the other subjects , because the entire manuscript matter could not be taken , even opened before the exam was held .


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