Sunday, April 20, 2014

Real Sector Investment

MAYBE this time we often hear the term investment . Some to mean that the investment is sacrificing something in the present to get something in the future with the hope of a better course ( Abdul Halim , 2005:4 ) .

Essentially an investment in the placement of funds in the hope of obtaining a profit in the future . Various kinds of investments can be made ​​in various fields of human life , ranging from very simple to highly complex investment and requires specialized knowledge .
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But in general the investment can be divided into two major parts , namely :

1 . Investment in the real sector ( real assets ) . Invest in products that are more physically visible , eg the production sector , property , and others .

2 . Nonriil sector investments ( financial assets ) . Investments in financial products and derivatives markets more "invisible " physically , eg ordinary shares and bonds .

In other words nonriil investment or financial investment is to invest funds in securities ( financial assets ) are expected to increase in value in the future .

Next we will discuss more about mandalam Investment in the real sector .

Investment real rector very in enjoy doing in the era of 1970-1990 's. But with the changing times people start turning her little their views on the financial sector . It did not escape because of the global crisis that hit the world economy , especially in Indonesia , which is very significant impact so as many investors are out of business due to a very large degree of loss .

Most of the real sector investments require substantial capital . Furthermore, a majority of real investment requires a relatively long time to develop because of the amount of capital . As a consequence and at once weakness , liquidity is not as fast as the financial sector investments .

This has become an obstacle for investors middle class to survive in the world of investment . These characteristics not unusual because the investment sector is engaged in property , plantation , manufacturing , services and technology .

To be able to invest in plantations of course many things that we must meet , in addition to substantial capital . Starting from the search point , search the employee , the manager of the garden and so on . Invest in the real sector means we should be protagonists of managing the development of the field .

Another example : If we buy a house for investment . Property values ​​usually never decreases and is always increasing . But on the other hand when you want to dilute your investment , then it should look for people who have enough money to buy your home value may have gone up tens to hundreds of percent . Finding a buyer like this is not easy , this is where the problem occurs liquidity .

In addition there are obstacles that must be faced also by investors , which can be grouped in three main factors , namely :

- Policies industry is still weak and unfocused , such as political stability and the rule of law , labor law , energy policy ( fuel and electricity ) , environmental policy , supervision and illegal importation of goods in circulation , and other things that cause the business climate in the country is not conducive .

- Fiscal policy is not comprehensive , as it is more focused on achieving revenue targets astray , while the long-term ( ie : continuity industry ) is unthinkable .

- Monetary policy is still not favoring the real sector because some sectors assessed at high risk , such as: banking intermediation function is not optimal , high bank interest rates when compared with deposit rates , financial liquidity in financial institutions / banks for the industrial sector is very low .

Of the factors mentioned above , ultimately leading to the competitiveness of the real sector is not competitive products because it can not meet the demands of the market : Competitive price, high quality , on time delivery , and responsiveness toward trade communication .

Actually, this condition is unfortunate , because economic growth is expected from the high consumption or in other words, consumption is expected as the motor of economic growth .

Though private consumption may continue to be high without an increase in revenue in the real sector places where people work and earn income .

As for the increase in the real sector requires investment income , either in the form of an extension / expansion or new investment , thus increasing the capacity / production and create new products in anticipation of changes in market demand .

Increased capacity / production this is tantamount to absorb new workers and increase the income of workers which in turn spur economic growth in Indonesia .

From the above perspective , it is clear that the growth in the real sector plays an extremely important role in the economic growth process . In the absence of growth in the real sector there will be no economic growth . Therefore, the growth of the real sector requires investment to maintain sustainable economic growth itself.


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